This page contains some references that have been used in constructing these tables.

Difference Set Surveys

There is a large literature on difference sets, from which I've pulled most of the results in this database. Earlier surveys and tables of difference set parameters include:

[Hal56] Marshall Hall Jr. A survey of difference sets. Proc. AMS, 7:975-986, 1956.
Abelian difference sets with k ≤ 50.
[Bau71] Leonard D. Baumert. Cyclic Difference Sets, volume 182 of Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Springer-Verlag, 1971.
Cyclic difference sets with k ≤ 100.
[BG03] Leonard D. Baumert and Daniel M. Gordon On the existence of cyclic difference sets with small parameters In High Primes and Misdemeanours: Lectures in Honour of the 60th Birthday of Hugh Cowie Williams, Fields Institute Communication, pages 61-68. AMS, Providence, 2004.
[Lan83] Eric S. Lander. Symmetric Designs: An Algebraic Approach, volume 74 of LMS Lecture Note Series. Cambridge, 1983.
Abelian difference sets with k ≤ 50.
[Kop89] L. E. Kopilovich. Difference sets in noncyclic abelian groups. Cybernetics, 25(2):153-157, 1989.
Abelian difference sets with 50 ≤ k ≤ 100.
[LS97] A. Vera Lopez and M. A. Garcia Sanchez. On the existence of abelian difference sets with 100 < k <=150. J. Comb. Math. Com. Comp., pages 97-112, 1997.
Abelian difference sets with 100 < k ≤ 150.
[Jun92] Dieter Jungnickel. Difference sets. In Jeffrey H. Dinitz and Douglas R. Stinson, editors, Contemporary Design Theory: A Collection of Surveys, pages 241-324. Wiley, 1992.
[Smi07] Ken Smith's Difference Set Database.
all difference sets with n ≤ 15, and others. link no longer works
[Abu16] AbuGhneim Database of all (64,28,12) and (96,20,4) difference sets.

Papers on Difference Sets

The difference set database refers to results from a number of papers, listed here.

[Ara86] K. T. Arasu. (81,16,3) abelian difference sets do not exist. JCT A, 43:350-353, 1986.
[Ara88] K.T. Arasu. More missing entries in lander's table could be filled. Arch. Math., 51:188-192, 1988.
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